Framing Organization: The Construction of Discourse Among Slovenian Trade Union Officials

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Tatiana Bajuk Senčar


The paper focuses on discourse and discourse analysis as a tool for shedding light on the phenomena of trade union recruitment and organization. The author employs discursive data from interviews with numerous trade union officials in Slovenia as a means of shedding light on the process of organizational sense-making, identifying the specific terms officials employ to describe the world of Slovenian trade unionism and trade union organizing. In her analysis, the author argues that age seems to be the most significant factor distinguishing the perspectives among the interviewed officials, pointing thus to the significance of generational changes for understanding the challenges to trade union organizing in Slovenia today.

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Bajuk Senčar, T. (2013). Framing Organization: The Construction of Discourse Among Slovenian Trade Union Officials. Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology, 4(7), 77-90. Retrieved from


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