Economic Sociology or the Economic Structure and the Non-economic Societal Structures as Conceived of by Socio-economic Structuralism

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Jacek Tittenbrun


This is the continuation of the paper which appeared in the previous issue of WFES (7/1/4). In this article the author further develops the theoretical foundations of the socio-economic structuralism. In particular, the notions of economic and non-economic societal structures remain in focus. The author retains the economic determinist perspective and explores the ways through which the economic structure affects other structures of the society, including work in its many variations (material work, immaterial work, and quasi-work) as well as other aspects of social life such as culture in general and language in particular.

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Tittenbrun, J. (2013). Economic Sociology or the Economic Structure and the Non-economic Societal Structures as Conceived of by Socio-economic Structuralism. Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology, 4(8), 115-137. Retrieved from


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