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  1. Journal’s peer-review policy
  2. Summary of the review process (graph)

Journal’s peer-review policy


  • All submissions are subjected to assessment by the Editorial Team for consistency with the Journal’s principles and mission.
  • The Studia Demograficzne Journal adheres to a double-blind peer-reviewing policy, in which both the reviewer and the author are anonymous. Manuscripts undergoing a peer-review process are free of data allowing any identification of the author(s) or of the peer reviewers.
  • Following the formal evaluation, all submissions considered appropriate undergo:
    • a double-blind peer-review process by two independent reviewers. In case of contradictory opinions, the third reviewer is asked to review a given paper,
    • a review by Journal’s Statistical Editor.
  • A review should end with a clear conclusion on the publication or rejection of the paper. 
  • The reviewers are not allowed to use the knowledge of the paper before the publication. 
  • If the reviewers require any revisions, the authors must re-submit their revised paper accompanied by a letter explaining how the authors have responded to the reviewers’ comments.
  • Non-scientific papers do not require any review and are accepted for publication by the Editor-in-Chief. 
  • The final decision on publication is made by the Editor based on the reviews.
  • The author receives the preprint version of the accepted paper for its final edition.

In summary, the paper qualifies for publication after meeting the following criteria:

  • passing the initial verification of the Journal’s Editor (pre-review);
  • receiving two positive double-blind peer reviews;
  • receiving a positive review from the Statistical Editor;
  • receiving a final positive opinion of the Editor.


Summary of the review process (graph)





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Last updated: October 2020