Dear Reader,
We present you with the 49th edition of the Journal of Management and Financial Sciences. We hope that its content will make a valid contribution to the development of economic thought and contribute to a deeper understanding of complex issues discussed in it.
The aim of the first publication by Leszek Mosiejko and Michał Barnardelli was to analyze the rate of return of selected stock exchange indices, currency pairs, raw materials and food in the event window determined by the start date of the Russian-Ukrainian war in 2022.
Patrycja Juszczyk in her article focuses on the mechanisms of setting the intentional and emergent coopetition strategy on the example of cultural institutions (the coopetition strategy is considered here at the interorganizational level).
In the next paper Maksym Shylov makes a brief overview of the nature of weather derivatives, their applicability in various industries, available information on traded volumes, legal framework, taxation, pricing and basis risk, impact on financial resilience of investors.
Katarzyna Czernek-Marszałek, Patrycja Juszczyk, Dagmara Wójcik, and Patrycja Klimas focus in their paper on exploring the significance of uncertainty stemming from a large-scale emergency situation (i.e. the COVID-19 pandemic) for the course of interorganizational cooperation.
The research was conducted in Poland within a group of 30 interviewees (in total 5 virtual FGIs) representing four creative industries.
In last study the authors Mariola Ciszewska-Mlinarič, Khalil Elleuch and Piotr Wójcik explore the external (technological turbulence and market dynamism) and internal (knowledge management culture and inbound open innovation) antecedents of BMI and its effect on firm performance on a sample of high-tech companies from Poland (n=160).
We hope that this issue of JMFS of SGH Collegium of Management and Finance will be interesting reading for academics and practitioners of economic life.
We wish you pleasant reading.
Joanna Wielgórska-Leszczyńska
Chairman of the Scientific Council and Dean of the Faculty
Michał Matusewicz,
Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Council and Vice-Dean of the Faculty

Published: 2024-02-09