Review rules for scientific articles:

1. A submitted article is sent to two reviewers who are outside the Warsaw School of Economics in accordance with the procedure "double-blind review process".

2. The review shall be drawn up on the Review Form (pdf)​ and Review Form (docx)​.

3. A list of all reviewers from the previous issues of the Journals can be found in the Reviewers tab.

4. The author has the right to read the reviewer's assessment and his comments.​​

Reviewing procedure

  1. Editorial staff require that each article be submitted electronically.
  2. When submitting an article to editorial office, its author(s) makes a statement about the independent preparation of the article and a commitment that it has not been transferred to another editorial office or published in another way.
  3. The editorial staff make an initial assessment of the article from the point of view of formal and substantive requirements. Each article is given an editorial number identifying it in the later stages of the editorial process.
  4. Each article is reviewed twice by persons from outside the scientific unit in which the author(s) of the article is affiliated, as well as from outside the members of the journal`s Scientific Council. Reviewers are selected by the editorial staff of the journal from among persons competent in the subject of the article, possessing recognized scientific achievements and guaranteeing reliable preparation of reviews.
  5. The author(s) of the article receives both reviews for checking and is obliged to respond to them. If the reviewer's comments are accepted, the author(s) makes the necessary corrections and additions to the article.
  6. Reviews are classified, i.e. the author(s) of the article and the reviewers do not know each other`s names or affiliations (double-blind review process). The editorial staff of the magazine guarantee that the names and affiliations of the authors and reviewers will not be disclosed with the reservation provided in point 10.
  7. Reviews are prepared on a special form prepared by the editorial staff.
  8. The method of submitting articles for review is as follows: the article is forwarded to both reviewers simultaneously or the article is first handed over to one reviewer and then (after the author(s) of the article with the review and possible corrections or additions) to the second reviewer.
  9. The editorial staff reserve the right to print or prevent the article from being printed.
  • Once a year, in the last issue or on the journal's website, the editorial staff publish a list of all reviewers, regardless of whether their article was published.
  • The procedure for reviewing articles is in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education described in the brochure "Good practices in reviewing procedures in science"