Digital Economy as an Environment for Virtual Platform Operators

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Wojciech Paprocki


Digital economy that embraces the analogue and digital world has been developing for over the last ten years. The leaders of the digital economy are commercial and public virtual platform operators. In the 3 rd decade of the 21st century, the hybrid system will be dominating in the world. The concept of “Industry 4.0” will be implemented in all regions, but analogue processes will be still popular in the industry, distribution channels and households. Robots will become popular in production and services. In the management of data, information and knowledge solutions which are supported by the narrow artificial intelligence will be utilised step by step. The goal is the creation of new wisdom. Virtual platform operators in their commercial and public activities will strengthen their position on the market in the New Space. At the same time the producers and service providers representing the Old Space will be pressed to accept dependence on virtual platform operators.


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Paprocki, W. (2019). Digital Economy as an Environment for Virtual Platform Operators. Journal of Management and Financial Sciences, (30), 11-26.