Dear Reader,
We present you with the 34th edition of the “Journal of Management and Financial Sciences”. We hope that its content will make a valid contribution to the development of economic thought and contribute to a deeper understanding of complex issues discussed in it.
We also hope that the next issue of JMFS will be an interesting reading for researchers as well as practitioners of economic life.
The first article by Sanjoy Ghose and Maria Johann aims to contribute to the knowledge of value creation process in the tourism market by examining the impact of tourist products attributes on tourist satisfaction and tourist behavioural intentions. The research was conducted among 463 tourists visiting Poland.
Piotr Zaborek aims in his study to investigate relationships between strategic orientation (SO), involvement in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and operational performance (OP). The study tests the proposition that SO is not linked with OP directly but through CSR serving as the mediator.
The aim of the next article is to offer insight into a concept making it possible to assess the financial rationality of voluntary liquidation of businesses. The author – Paweł Wnuczak presents a decision-making algorithm that should be applied before making a decision to voluntarily liquidate a business entity.
Marta Postuła in her paper analyses the up-till-now experiences in using spending reviews in selected countries and draws conclusions from the process.
The paper by Marta Ziółkowska conceptualises the notion of a business model and the role it plays in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). It also examines the determinants of choosing the right business model.
In the next paper Monika Tomczyk and Ewelina Gutowska describe issues regarding small cruise ships in the Baltic Sea Region. Sea cruises are becoming more and more popular. This type of tourism combines relaxation with traveling to interesting tourist regions with the possibility of visiting them.

In the last paper Ewelina Nojszewska discusses a two-channel impact of pharmaceutical companies upon the economy and public finance.
We wish you a pleasant reading.
Ryszard Bartkowiak,
Chairman of the Scientific Council and Dean of the Faculty
Michał Matusewicz,
Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Council and Vice-Dean of the Faculty

Published: 2018-07-27