Dear Reader,
We present you with the 41st edition of the Journal of Management and Financial Sciences. This edition contains important and current issues affecting the development of Polish finan- cial market, eco-design, and socially responsible project management. We hope that its con- tent will make a valid contribution to the development of economic thought and contribute to a deeper understanding of complex issues discussed in it.
In the first paper, Leszek Mosiejko and Michał Bernardelli present their research which anal-
yses Polish listed companies in terms of their liquidity management in 2002-2017 in a dynamie
context. The evaluation of the dynamic model of corporate financial liquidity was carried out with the use of classical descriptive statistics tools and methods applied in such analyses. The companies were analysed in the new sectoral layout implemented by the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in January 2017.
In the next article Przemysław Niewiadomski describes an interesting topic which is eco- design. Nowadays, in the times of globalised economy and digital revolution, increasingly more often enterprises are faced with intensified competition. Comparative advantage depends on developing new products and putting in place new technologies. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises are looking for new ideas and business management methods whose overarching goal would be to eliminate losses before they occur in the production process. Response can be sought in modern management methods and concepts, such as eco-design.
The last paper by Michał Trocki, Mateusz Juchniewicz, and Emil Bukłaha aims at exam- ining and assessing the current state of play and proposed directions for the development of sustainable and socially responsible project-related activities. It explains how the idea of social responsibility emerged as a natural consequence of the evolution of an organisa- tion with respect to sustainable development. Against the background of these notions the authors define the place and role of project management in socially responsible develop- ment and discuss different views on the subject presented by authors from different coun- tries. Theoretical considerations are supplemented with the discussion of the findings of own surveys focused on the role and relevance of social responsibility in project manage- ment in organisations active in this field in Poland. It was an exploratory study, the first of its kind in Poland.
We wish you a pleasant reading.
Ryszard Bartkowiak,
Chairman of the Scientific Council and Dean of the Faculty
Michał Matusewicz,
Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Council and Vice-Dean of the Faculty

Published: 2020-10-30