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Local companies from different areas that are successful on social networks were chosen for the survey. The aim of the article is to identify the company's corporate values and their impact on the results of marketing communication as well as to find the attributes that are used in such successful companies and to make generalization of them.

Several local companies do not invest a lot of money in marketing, but their results on social networks are comparable or even better than the ones of corporations managed by social networking agencies. What is the essence of their success and how it impacts the value of the company?

The paper describes perceived value of entrepreneurs from small local companies through quality methods of research – personal interview and theoretical basis in this field. This data allowed to prepare a research, which shows four interest areas of the perceived value in small companies. The companies were selected from Slovakia, from among small and medium companies in local area in May 2019. In the research seventeen companies were involved and the main objective of the research was to gain as much information as possible about companies value and the value perceived by entrepreneurs. For this reason personal interview was used. The research result can bring parameters of perceived value in first step and later can provide a helpful model of managing value and the steps for understanding and creating the value of local company.

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Demjanovičová, M. . (2020). THE IMPACT OF VALUE ON THE EFFECTIVENESS OF MARKETING COMMUNICATION OF LOCAL COMPANIES. Edukacja Ekonomistów I Menedżerów, 55(1), 24–32.


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