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Each country seeks rapid economic development and welfare of the population in need of improving its innovation sector, which is a prerequisite for success and sustainable competitive position in the global market.The development of innovative entrepreneurship is a topical issue in every country. Its development depends on the successfully formed ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship. The article considers the models of innovation, which are the basis for the creation of a country’s economy of innovative type, namely: the model of the triple spiral of innovation, the model of the quadruple spiral of innovation, the model of the fivefold spiral of innovation. The value of the article is the consideration of the successful construction of models of innovation systems in the world, which gives an opportunity to form a model of the ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship for Ukraine.

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Riepina, I., & Yakusheva, N. (2021). Development of Ecosystems of Innovative Entrepreneurship in the Global Dimension. Edukacja Ekonomistów I Menedżerów, 59(1).


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