Dear Reader,
We present you with the 31st edition of the ”Journal of Management and Financial Sciences” from the Warsaw School of Economics. It is a collection of publications on current issues in the area of management sciences. The authors of the publications are mainly experienced scientists from leading academic centres in the country dealing with management issues. The articles in the current issue contain both theoretical considerations and the results of empirical research showing the importance of management sciences in the modern economy.
The main purpose of the first article by Bogdan Nogalski, Przemysław Niewiadomski and Agnieszka Szpitter is an attempt to answer the question: is the scope and type of business models composed by manufacturers a derivative of the creativity level assimilated by them?
According to the intention of the authors, the work is supposed to cast light on a wider perspective of generating valuable ideas and concepts in the context of the composition of business models.
The next paper by Anna Łaszkiewicz discusses the phenomenon of co-creation of products and services with consumers, possible forms of using intellectual capital of consumers in companies and the awareness of these trends among Polish managers based on the research carried out by the author.
The objective of the study by Celina Sołek – Borowska is, firstly, to find out what is understood by creativity of the team in terms of a process and outcome and secondly, to place the knowledge sharing process within the field of team creativity. A literature review was used to gather evidence about the key concepts in the fields of management, organization and creativity.
Joanna Radomska in her article investigates organisational creativity reflected by a strategic approach. The author in this article tries to indicate implications related to strategy implementation by companies with a visionary strategic approach.
The objective of the next paper by Magdalena Rzemieniak is to characterise the impact of the latest trends in the marketing environment on creative businesses. The article presents the results of the research on the influence of the post-reality on the operating strategies of creative businesses.
Wioletta Mierzejewska in her paper addresses innovative performance of transnational corporations (TNCs). Its goal is to find out whether innovation is typical of transnational corporations and what its sources in TNCs are. The goal has been attained by analysing the rankings of the world’s most innovative companies.
Responding to the new phenomena in entrepreneurship ecosystems in Poland, the author of the next article – Marzena Starnawska – undertakes the study that aims to explore experiences of participants of a (pre)accelerator programme for start-ups.
Ewa Stańczyk-Hugiet in her paper discusses routine change and dynamics by demonstrating an obvious routine instability.
In the next paper Karina Sachpazidu-Wójcicka discusses cooperation for innovation and its influence on the enterprise innovativeness level. The main aim of the article is to determine the relationship between cooperation for innovation and innovativeness of the surveyed companies, which is investigated empirically.
Piotr Bartkowiak and Ireneusz P. Rutkowski in their publication set out to propose a new research approach – one that, in their opinion, could significantly improve the maturity measurement of product innovation processes in businesses.
In the last paper by Patrycja Klimas, the author presents the results of research on key resources exploited under business models of video game developers. The main attention is paid to the identification and hierarchizing of key resources, as well as their specific types.
We hope that the presented articles will meet your kind interest and contribute to the development of thought in the field of management sciences.
We wish you a pleasant reading.
Ryszard Bartkowiak,
Chairman of the Scientific Council and Dean of the Faculty
Michał Matusewicz,
Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Council and Vice-Dean of the Faculty

Published: 2019-07-29