Open access journals published by SGH Publication Unit
  • Analysis and Studies CASP

    The purpose of the Journal is to disseminate information on tax issues from the national, EU, and international point of view in expert and scientific circles as well as among the society. The Journal presents the tax issues adopting an interdisciplinary perspective and taking into consideration the legal and economic aspects of taxation. Particular emphasis is placed on comparative studies: the comparison of empirical data from different countries in Europe and around the world and presentation of tax issues in a broader international context. The Journal provides access to the latest research results of prominent representatives of the doctrine of law. Each issue has a thematic character, devoted to a selected aspect of legal and economic analysis of the tax and customs law system. The Journal is published in the Polish and the English language, both in paper and electronic form.

  • Education of Economists and Managers

    Quarterly relates to the issues concerning problems of management and professional development. It is intended for employees, university students as well as managers and HR professionals working in the area of business practice. The scientific profile of the quarterly is interdisciplinary. Management issues are presented from a wide perspective of many disciplines – management science, psychology, sociology and philosophy. Its purpose is to share experiences, thoughts and inspiration, and to present the latest scientific achievements in the field of the thematic profile.

  • Journal of Management and Financial Sciences

    Collegium of Management and Finance has been publishing the scholarly periodical "Journal of Management and Financial Sciences" since 2008. It includes articles in the English language of a particular scientific value on crucial issues of economy, finance and management. Due to the close links ​between economic and other sciences, the editor accepts a variety of different research approaches. The thematic profile is also diversified. There are both theoretic analyses and those referring to national economies, business sectors or groups of business entities. JMFS are indexed in the following scientific databases: CEJSH - The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, IC Journals Master List, BazEkon, PBN - Polska Bibliografia Naukowa. JMFS adheres to the core practices of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics). ​ A submitted article is sent to two reviewers who are outside the Warsaw School of Economics in accordance with the procedure "double-blind review proces.

    Journal of Management and Financial Sciences is included in the list of scientific journals and reviewed materials from international conferences with a score of 40.

    ARCHIVE 2008-2016

  • Women and Business

    Editor: Ewa Lisowska, prof. SGH Warsaw School of Economics

    Women & Busines journal provides space for scientific debate on the role of women in the society and economy. The journal is published by the Collegium of World Economy of the Warsaw School of Economics in cooperation with the International Women's Forum Association. The journal is published since 1993 (since 2012 in electronic version only) both in Polish and English language, is awarded 5 points. The journal “Women & Business” is also indexed on ProQuest, EBSCO and BazEkon scientific databases.

    ISSN (print) 1230-9427

    Publisher: Kolegium Gospodarki Światowej,

  • Kwartalnik Kolegium Ekonomiczno-Społecznego. Studia i Prace

    „Kwartalnik Kolegium Ekonomiczno-Społecznego Studia i Prace” (ISSN 2082-0976) has been published since 2010. In the period from 2001 to 2009, it appeared under the name of ”Studia i Prace Kolegium Ekonomiczno-Społecznego SGH”. The journal is an important forum for discussion in the field of economics and social science, featuring research of both Polish and international researchers. Its profile stems from the Collegium of Socio- Economics’ interdisciplinary character. In 2015 the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education awarded the journal 9 points.

  • Kwartalnik Nauk o Przedsiębiorstwie

    Kwartalnik Nauk o Przedsiębiorstwie is a scientific journal devoted to the latest theoretical trends and good practices that are related to the functioning of the enterprise and its environment.

    The motto of the journal is: PRACTICAL THEORY

    Aims and scope

    Kwartalnik Nauk o Przedsiębiorstwie is an open access scientific journal aimed at presenting the latest theoretical trends in social sciences, which are related to the company: management, functioning, organization and the environment in which it operates.

    In the Quarterly we present the changes taking place on the financial and capital market and in the public finance sector, which affect the functioning of enterprises. Our distinguishing feature is both emphasizing the usefulness of the presented results and the current state of knowledge, as well as critical verification of the described tools and solutions from business practice.

    Quarterly is of an interdisciplinary character, and its main objective is to evaluate and develop the existing ones and to shape new scientific ideas and theories supporting the development of the enterprise, including the popularization of practical solutions within this issue. In particular, we promote contemporary theory and practice of enterprise management, with particular emphasis on creating its value and including all types of ecological and technological innovations in this process.

    Our aims are:

    • to be a key publicly available scientific journal in Poland in the field of the discussed issues of business operations,

    • maintaining a variety of approaches and approaches to the problems and issues examined,

    • observing high ethical and editorial standards at every stage of the publishing process,

    • ensuring reliability and transparency of reviews of scientific texts,

    • openness to presentations of new areas of knowledge, critical positions and results of analyses and research from business practice.

    Our mission is to present the current state of knowledge in the area of broadly understood enterprise management and practical application of theory in business operations.

  • Organization and Management

    The Organization and Management publishes articles concerning the theory of organization and management, with particular emphasis on the results of empirical research. The Journal’s mission is to shape the scientific discussion and to define prospects for research in the discipline of management and quality sciences.

  • Studia Demograficzne

    Studia Demograficzne (Demographic Studies) is a peer-reviewed journal of the Committee on Demographic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, founded in 1963. The journal has been published by the Collegium of Economic Analysis of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics since 2019. The journal provides space for scientific debate on a wide range of population issues and operates as a sharing platform for research results with a broad audience. Its aim is to support networking of population science researchers in the Central and Eastern Europe and to contribute to a more advanced scientific communication and exchange within the demographic community.

  • Studies and Work of the Collegium of Management and Finance

    The Collegium of Management and Finance has been regularly publishing the scientific journals "Studies and Work of the Collegium of Management and Finance" since 1993. The Journals are interdisciplinary. The thematic profile is also diversified. They are a collection of publications of both the Collegium's academics as well as employees of scientific centers cooperating with the Warsaw School of Economics. The materials presented in the journals are the results of research work of academics, prepared scientific dissertations for the degree of PhD and habilitated doctor. All submitted articles have received positive reviews. Journals Studies and Works are indexed, among others in the following databases: IC Journals Master List, BazEkon and PBN - Polish Scientific Bibliography. Our Journals apply ethical principles in accordance with COPE guidelines.

    Studies and Work of the Collegium of Management and Finance are included in the list of scientific journals and reviewed materials from international conferences with a score of 40.

  • Public Policy Studies

    Studia z Polityki Publicznej / Public Policy Studies is a journal published since 2014. The editors publish academic texts focused on the issues of broadly understood public policy in its various dimensions. The main field of interest are articles on both the concept or theory of public policy and the issues of sectoral policies. The texts can also be focused on models and cycles in a selected policy (from problem diagnosis to solution evaluation); attitudes, values, motives of policy actors (e.g., the role of trust among stakeholders, ability to cooperate); methods for evaluating results in policies; indicators illustrating the results of public activities; mechanisms of resource allocation in public activity (market and its failures, state failure). The editors are also interested in sources influencing the shaping of public policies (e.g., intellectual, sociological and cultural sources, historical sources), sources of knowledge in selected policies (policy knowledge), knowledge brokers (expert networks), decision-making processes and policy styles (activities unilateral vs. partnerships, the anticipation of problems vs. reactivity), institutional factors that co-shape public policy (e.g., parties, parliamentary systems, public administration).

    The journal is indexed, among others, in the databases: BazEkon, Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL), CrossRef, Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), ERIH PLUS, Free Journal Network (FJN), Polska Bibliografia Naukowa (PBN), Lens, Dimensions, Scite, Scilit, Baidu Scholar, NAVER, Korea Open Access Platform for Researchers (KOAR), Informationsdienst Politikwissenschaft (POLLUX), International Political Science Abstracts (IPSA), J-Gate, Research Papers in Economics (RePEc), Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE), Gale Academic OneFile, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI).

  • Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology

    Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology is a refereed journal published in print as well as online that aims to be a discussion forum for scholars interested in theoretical and empirical issues in socio-economic studies, with a particular emphasis on questions related to Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology seeks articles that focus on theoretical and empirical aspects of socio-economic transformations and current socio- economic reality. WFES is published at the Warsaw School of Economics but is international as far as authors and readers are concerned. 

  • Koniunktura w Przemyśle

    Miesięcznik „Koniunktura w Przemyśle”, wydawany jest od października 1993. Czasopismo powstaje na podstawie wyników badania, którego źródłem informacji są odpowiedzi ankietowanych przedsiębiorstw przemysłowych. Od numeru 319 miesięcznik ukazuje się w wersji elektronicznej.