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The paper presents an analysis of the social responsibility of young scientists in Ukraine during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is based on the results of a mass sociological survey conducted as part of the project “Realisation of the potential of young scientists in the integration of science, education, business”. The research methodology examines the key characteristics of the young scientist’s profile. The research is limited to the period before the war in Ukraine. The obtained results demonstrate the directions of their social responsibility, including the effectiveness of promoting information about scientific achievements, ways of popularisation of science, the resources necessary for the success of young scientists, the commercialisation of intellectual property rights of young scientists and the implementation of scientific and practical developments of young scientists.

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Shkoda, T., Makhsma, M., & Zhabin, S. (2023). Development of social responsibility of young scientists of Ukraine in the context of the new socio-economic reality. Edukacja Ekonomistów I Menedżerów, 66(4).


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